Data Protection Policy

Hythe Community Cinema Data Protection Policy

The Hythe Community Cinema wishes to, and believes it does, fully comply with the2018 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Hythe Community Cinema Committee is the Data Controller who determines the purposes and means of processing personal data.

What data we hold and why
The Hythe Community Cinema is a film society and holds the following membership information:

  • name
  • address
  • email address
  • telephone number.

Only ‘name’ is required to become a member, contact details are optional.

Our scanning of membership cards on film nights also means we have a record of which films members have attended.

Contact details are held in order to inform members:

  • of forthcoming films
  • of ticket availability
  • of any last minute alterations to the programme or cancellations
  • of other occasional issues, such as AGMs, updates on committee decisions, lost property or membership renewal.

We only contact members in relation to activities of the Hythe Community Cinema. We shall not use the data for purposes unrelated to the activities of the Hythe Community Cinema.

We shall never pass on membership or attendance data to third parties.

The scanning of membership cards to provide data on who attends a particular film has two main purposes:

  • to allow Hythe Community Cinema to have a record of who is in the building on the current film night (in lieu of signing in), which may be valuable in the event of emergency;
  • to assist Hythe Community Cinema in judging when an individual’s personal data is no longer needed, a requirement of the GDPR (see below).

Retaining data
Members can ask to view what data we hold on them at any time, and we shall respond within the one month period required by the GDPR.

Members can ask for their contact data to be removed at any time.

Principle 5 of the regulations requires the Hythe Community Cinema to retain personal data no longer than is necessary for the purpose for which it was obtained. Therefore:

  • Individuals who resign their membership automatically have all their data removed;
  • Members who have not collected their membership card by May 25th 2018 will be deemed to have resigned their membership and will have all their data removed unless they explicitly ask for it to remain;
  • In May 2018, members were emailed to ask to ‘Opt in’ or ‘Opt out’ of us retaining their data. We are currently processing responses and contacting non-responders to identify their preference;
  • In future seasons, having a record of which films members have attended will allow us to carry out a periodic audit of which members no longer attend our films, which in turn will allow us to remove their data from our files unless they explicitly ask for it to remain.

Where data is held and who has access to it
Members’ contact and attendance details are held on a dedicated, password protected laptop held by the society’s Secretary. Contact details are also held on the society’s password protected Gmail account, and are updated regularly by the Membership Secretary.

Paper copies of completed membership application forms are held by the Treasurer.


May 2018