Film archive


This page lists the films we have shown in previous seasons, together with attendances and audience ratings.

The size of audience, as shown by number of tickets sold.

Each member of the audience was asked to rate the film as one of the following:

Excellent (4)
Good (3)
Fair (2)
Poor (1)

The rating figures shown on this page give the average (mean) score for each film. So a rating score of 3.7 means that, overall, the audience rated the film between Good and Excellent, but a little closer to Excellent.

Up to the start of the current season, the most popular films, with average scores of 3.9, have been Hunt for the Wilder People, Pride, Cinema Paradiso, Untouchable and Kite Runner, followed, at 3.8, by I, Daniel Blake, Jean de Florette, Manon des Sources, Whale Rider, The Salt of the Earth, Tangerines, Searching for Sugar Man, The Lives of Others and Once. One interesting thing we’ve noticed is that  attendance figures do not seem particularly to correlate with ratings. High ratings often are accompanied by relatively low attendance.

Attendance etc snip 2016-17
Attendance etc snip 2015-16
Attendance etc snip 2014-15
Attendance etc snip 2013-14
Attendance etc snip 2012-13
Attendance etc snip 2011-12

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